9FF GTurbo

GTurbo - a name for those craving power


Base vehicle 997 GT3 MK1 (3.6 and 3.8 possible)


+ Aluminium bonnet and doors

+ Extreme vehicle weight reduction

+ Kevlar / carbon roofing

+ Interior panelling only in the front

+ Recaro lightweight bucket seats in Alcantara

+ 9FF air intakes / exhausts for intercooling

+ RS rear wings

+ Cup front lips

+ 1,210 kg unladen weight

We'll build you an automobile on the basis of a GT3 or GT3 RS that combines the sporty driving behaviour of the base vehicle with the performance of a turbo vehicle.


In order to always be perfectly equipped both on the racetrack as well as on the motorway, you have the choice among various transmissions as well as power levels ranging from 750 hp to 1200 hp.


The GTurbo is an ideal candidate for an understatement. What's on the inside -if you so desire - won't be revealed on the outside. Its breath-taking acceleration and top speed lead to a driving experience that you can peacefully enjoy for yourself.


We can also fully meet your wishes for individuality when designing the interior.


In the following outlined technical specifications, we would like to introduce you to the model "R" as an example from our GTurbo series. Please get in touch with us in order to show you all possibilities in connection with this particular vehicle. It's "Your Car" we're building after all.


+ 3.9 litre displacement engine

+ 9FF engine block reinforcement

+ Dual piston oil-spray cooling per cylinder

+ 9FF / Pankl forged pistons

+ 9FF steel cylinders

+ 9FF / Pankl titanium connecting rods

+ 9FF RS crankshaft

+ 9FF cylinder heads with large valves and ducts

+ 9FF camshafts "VarioCam" with variable intake position

+ 9FF aluminium intake manifold fully welded

+ Dual injection nozzles

+ 9FF fuel system and pressure regulator controlled by boost pressure

+ 9FF stainless steal header

+ Garrett GT1200R turbocharger with ball bearings and water cooling

+ External wastegates

+ 3 stage boost control with operating buttons on the steering wheel

+ 9FF exhaust system with titanium muffler and valve control

+ 9FF carbon airbox with large fresh air intake and performance air filter

+ Dual blowoff valve

+ Altered MAP sensor


+ 1,200+ hp / 882 KW at 8,100 rpm

+ 1,150 Nm at 5,800 rpm

+ 8,200 rpm rev limiter

+ 1.6 bar boost pressure (0.8 and 1.2 bar switchable)

+ 104 mm x 76.4 mm (bore x stroke)



+ HOLINGER 6-speed sequential racing gearbox

+ Reinforced spur gears

+ Ratios: 3.17 1.89 1.41 1.15 0.93 0.73 (axle 3.44:1)

+ 9FF extra strong limited slip differential 40 / 60%

+ Reinforced drive shafts with larger inner joints

+ 3 disc sintered clutch

+ Hydraulic central release bearing

+ Upshifting without engaging the clutch

+ Automatic full throttle “9ff Power Shift” (Engine Cut) system


+ 997 GT2 PCCB brake system

+ Front axle 380 x 34mm with 6-piston caliper

+ Rear axle 350 x 28mm with 4-piston caliper

+ Porsche SUPERCUP brake pads

+ 997 GT2 hydraulic unit


+ 9FF light-alloy wheels model "GTurbo"

+ Front 8.5 x 19" with 245/35 ZR 19" DUNLOP Sport Maxx GT

+ Rear 11 x 19" with 315/30 ZR 19“ DUNLOP Sport Maxx GT


0-100 kph: 3.2 s

0-200 kph: 6.7 s

0-300 kph: 12.4 s

100-200 kph: 3.5 s

200-300 kph: 5.7 s


Vmax: 395 kph


+ Höhenverstellbares 9FF / Bilstein Fahrwerk

+ Height adjustable 9FF / Bilstein suspension

+ Aluminium shock absorbers

+ 60 mm racing springs

+ Rigid aluminium strut mount

+ Reinforced control arm front + rear axle

+ Front and rear axle with adjustable stabilizer

+ Electrohydraulic power steering

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